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Plays & Musicals

The Bell Tower Theater, your hometown theater, offers comedies and musicals year-round. Our shows feature talented local performers and most shows are being produced in Dubuque for the first time.


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In addition to the shows you see below, the Bell Tower Theater also offers Family Events and Special Events.


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All of these shows below perform on the following schedule:


Thursdays at 7:30 pm (Girl's Night Out--Free Wine Night. ***)

Fridays at 7:30 pm

Saturdays at 7:30 pm

Sundays at 2:00 pm



A Comedy by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten
October 14 to 30, 2022

The Wild sisters are at a crossroads. Fanny is turning 60. Willa’s stress has driven her to vodka and speed-knitting. Johnnie Faye is determined to put herself back on the market and land a new man. (Preferably one with a house since hers is at the bottom of a Florida sinkhole). Together, they find a way to clear the clutter from their lives, homes and relationships and prove it’s never too late to take another one of life’s paths.


Early Bird Special Dates: October 14 & 15

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A Comedy by Leo W. Sears and Jack Sharkey
December 2 to 18, 2022

David is moonlighting as a department store Santa so he can buy his new wife a wonderful Christmas gift. He tells her he’s working late, but she finds out he isn’t at the office. A suspected other woman, a bit of hypnotism, the notorious Santa burglar, and a confused policeman add up to a rollicking tale of Christmas fun.


Early Bird Special Dates: December 2 & 3

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All of these shows below perform on the following schedule:



First Weekend

Friday at 7:30 pm (Early Bird Special--Half Price Tickets)

Saturday at 7:30 pm (Early Bird Special--Half Price Tickets)

Sunday at 2:00 pm


Second Weekend

Thursday at 7:30 pm (Girl's Night Out--Free Wine Night.)

Friday at 7:30 pm

Saturday at 7:30 pm

Sunday at 2:00 pm


Third Weekend

Thursday at 7:30 pm (Girl's Night Out--Free Wine Night.)

Friday at 7:30 pm

Saturday at 2:00 pm

Sunday at 2:00 pm


Weekend Comedy

By Sam Bobrick & Jeanne Bobrick

February 10 to 26, 2023

A three-day weekend, two couples and one double-booked cabin is the recipe for a hilarious predicament. Young couple Jill and Tony booked a romantic cottage. The happily married middle-aged Jacksons did too…the same cabin. After the couples decide to share, it’s a clash of generations. A comedy about aging, marriage and happiness, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Ken Ludwig’s A Fox on the Fairway  

April 21 to May 7, 2023

When two rival country clubs get involved in the golf tournament of the decade, things go from bad to worse! Enjoy the fun as these zany characters do whatever it takes to save face, win their bets and get their love lives in order.

The Kids Left. The Dog Died. Now What?

By Carole Caplan-Lonner             

August 11 to 27, 2023

A comedic salute to those struggling with the effects of gravity on their bodies, of grandchildren on their self-images and of the dating scene on their egos. This laugh-out-loud musical follows the day-to-day concerns of the over-fifty “empty-nesters” crowd, where the ultimate goal is aging gracefully.

Drinking Habits 2: Caught in the Act

By Tom Smith                        

October 13 to 29, 2023

The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing pine for the excitement of the past when their secret wine making was saving the convent and bringing lost loves back together. When they discover that the local orphanage is in peril of closing, they resolve to act. Everyone pitches in to mount a play to raise money and hilarious hijinks ensue. Anything that can go wrong does. Can the sisters save the day again?

A Doublewide, Texas Christmas

By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

December 1 to 17, 2023

Somewhere in the Texas heartland, lies the brand new town of Doublewide – Population, 10.  It’s Christmas time, and it’s beginning to look a lot like trouble. Doublewide is being double crossed by the county and might lose their status as a town. Maybe if they win the countywide “Battle of The Mangers,” their Christmas will be saved.

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