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The Bell Tower Theater, your hometown theater, offers comedies and musicals year-round. Our shows feature talented local performers and most shows are being produced in Dubuque for the first time.

In addition to the shows you see below, the Bell Tower Theater also offers Family Events and Special Events.

All of these shows below perform on the following schedule:

First Weekend
Friday at 7:30 pm (Early Bird Special–Half Price Tickets)
Saturday at 7:30 pm (Early Bird Special–Half Price Tickets)
Sunday at 2:00 pm

Second Weekend
Thursday at 7:30 pm (Girl’s Night Out–Free Wine Night.)
Friday at 7:30 pm
Saturday at 7:30 pm
Sunday at 2:00 pm

Third Weekend
Thursday at 7:30 pm (Girl’s Night Out–Free Wine Night.)
Friday at 7:30 pm
Saturday at 2:00 pm
Sunday at 2:00 pm

A Comedy by Cynthia Haynes DiSavino
August 9 to 25, 2024

See what happens when three wives trick their unsuspecting husbands into spending their yearly vacation at a “health resort.” Will pizza, beer and The Godfather win out over salad, sparkling water and jazzercise? This battle of the sexes divides the cabin in half as they answer the question, is there really life after fifty?


By Jim Hesselman
October 11 to 27, 2024

Peter is an unlucky guy. With a treacherous soon-to-be ex-wife, an overbearing mother and a not-so-bright best friend, he just can’t catch a break. When he finds a winning lottery ticket worth $510 million, his luck seems to turn around, but with just a couple of days left to cash in the ticket, this bizarre band of characters must navigate mistaken identities, psychics and the home shopping network to secure the grand prize!

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By Katherine DiSavino and Kevin Mead
December 6 to 22, 2024

What are the holidays without a little chaos? Julia’s life is turned upside down when her soon-to-be-divorced brother shows up unexpectedly and stays from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Don’t miss this funny, heartwarming comedy about friends, family and holiday stresses.

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